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Transportation Marketing Group is a division of Thruline Marketing, a leader in recruitment marketing for over 30 years. Our team draws on our deep expertise to drive unparalleled results for our clients.
Chief Executive Officer, Thruline Marketing

Mike McHugh

Respected digital media and lead gen leader since 1999

President, Transportation Marketing Group;
COO, Thruline Marketing

Justin Gill

Recruitment marketing & online conversion guru


Sepeti Moala

Veteran recruiting exec, formerly of Yellow Corp. and CR England

Director, Marketing Performance

Myron Liu

Paid media and Indeed expert with deep trucking category expertise
Director, Digital Marketing & Analytics

Adam Lewis

Paid search pro and analytics extraordinaire
User Experience Designer

Angela Reed

Interface virtuoso crafting seamless digital user experiences

Director, IT Infrastructure

Clint Meade

Architect of robust, scalable tech systems

DIRECTOR, Web Development

Mat Owens

Crafting high-performing websites for form and function
Director, Business Intelligence

Renee Shultz

Intelligence maven driving strategic insights

Trusted By

“The team at TMG is smart, hardworking and very responsive to our needs — and the result is they produce a high volume of hires without sacrificing cost per hire for the volume.”

“I can say from almost 20 years’ experience in the driver recruiting space, your decision to use TMG for lead gen and automated outreach will make you successful in the first month.”

“TMG became the #1 lead sourcing campaign over their first 4 months with us. We have continued to see a dramatic growth in total lead volumes leading to direct hires.”

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