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We’ve earned the distinction of being the #1 vendor for our clients, delivering on our promise of proven strategies and exceptional outcomes in driver recruitment. Our expertise and results-driven approach have transformed the recruiting and hiring experience for leading trucking companies. Read our clients’ stories and discover how we’re driving results.

I have never seen such high-quality leads like the ones TMG delivers​

TMG has been one of the keys to success for us since we started with them. They consistently provide high-quality leads time and time again.


I could not ask for better service. Justin and his team are one of the best in the business, and we are pleased with the high level of results they provide.


We are so excited to continue our business with TMG. I have never seen such high-quality leads like the ones TMG delivers. Seeing their eagerness for innovation has really shown up with how great they have been for us.

Jessie Burnette, Senior VP, Driver Services

TMG's insights and execution will have a direct impact on your performance rapidly

We have a need to grow in markets where competition for candidates is extremely high. TMG has been our leading contributor in these markets, giving our recruiters a fighting chance to succeed. It’s one thing to succeed in markets where you currently have the upper hand in finding professionals, but it takes knowledge and expertise to succeed where others simply can’t.


TMG’s insights and execution will have a direct impact on your performance rapidly. Be it volume hiring or specifically find the right individual living in the right market, TMG will provide you with the results you’ll need to do what your team does best.

Robert Pierson, Vice President, Driver Recruiting

TMG is able to deliver effective advertising campaigns that not only meet but exceed expectations

TMG is an exceptional advertising agency that truly understands the importance of getting to know their clients and their target audience. Their ability to tailor their advertising strategies to best reach the desired demographic while keeping costs low is truly impressive.


TMG is able to deliver effective advertising campaigns that not only meet but exceed expectations.


Overall, I highly recommend TMG for anyone looking for an advertising agency that values getting to know their clients and their audience in order to achieve the best results at a reasonable cost.

Casey Bellman, Vice President, Recruiting

TMG's insights and execution will have a direct impact on your performance rapidly

TMG has been great to work with since rolling out. Our inbound lead sourcing partnership hit the ground running from day one. TMG became the #1 lead sourcing campaign over their first 4 months with us.

We have continued to see a dramatic growth in total lead volumes leading to direct hires. TMG offers strong support and is very interested in understanding how to improve our direct lead campaigns.

Mark MacGillivray, Director of Recruiting

TMG has been the only partner able to deliver on what they promise​

Right from the beginning, I knew TMG was different. Almost immediately, we saw hires. Even better, TMG is able to adjust the advertising quickly based on our ever-changing needs.


TMG doesn’t just go through the motions. They want to understand your unique culture, your target audience, and your overall goals. This level of attentiveness makes a world of difference in the final results.


I’ve been in the industry for about a decade and have heard every sales pitch. So far, the only partner that has been able to deliver on what they promise has been TMG.

Rebecca Anderson, Director – Recruiting, Marketing & Communications

TMG became my leading vendor in CPL and CPH and simply deliver results

I have worked with a lot of vendors where they are good about sending leads but don’t really dig into the lead – where it’s coming from, the story behind that. TMG has wanted to know the ins and outs of the “why,” and that has made a huge difference in our campaigns.


For lead generation, within 60 days of initial campaign launch, TMG took over as my leader in terms of CPL and CPH. The why is simple: they deliver results.

Matt Zarras, Vice President of Recruiting

Customer service is top-notch, and leads have been high quality

I have really enjoyed TMG’s fresh perspective on the industry and I can see that they are innovative when it comes to lead generation. The customer service is top-notch. If I send an email, I get a response within the hour. They are quick to optimize and adjust with new information.


We have seen an uptick in hires since starting with TMG. I have been quite pleased to see how far our budget has gone. The leads we receive have been high intent and high quality.

Bailey Hale, Director of Recruiting

They truly have a results-oriented team that delivers

Justin and the team at TMG are truly my go-to place when it comes to results. They are very knowledgeable as well as innovative and cutting-edge and always deliver the leads to get us the hire.


The team at TMG is smart, hardworking and very responsive to our needs – and the result is they produce a high volume of hires without sacrificing cost per hire for the volume. They truly have a results-oriented team that delivers for K&B Transportation.

Sean Barragan, Director of Recruiting

Since implementing the TMG strategy our leads have dramatically increased

We’ve used many different lead generation services over the years with mixed success.  Since implementing the TMG strategy, our leads have dramatically increased. TMG has very quickly become one of the top marketing tactics we use for driver recruiting.


The big difference between TMG and all of the other companies is the level of service we receive. There is always a collaborative approach to find a solution for the task at hand.  We have and will continue to highly recommend partnering with the folks at TMG.

Curt Fisher, VP Client Relations, Sales & Marketing

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