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We’ve earned the distinction of being the #1 vendor for our clients, delivering on our promise of proven strategies and exceptional outcomes in driver recruitment. Our expertise and results-driven approach have transformed the recruiting and hiring experience for leading trucking companies. Read our clients’ stories and discover how we’re driving results.

They truly have a results-oriented team that delivers

Justin and the team at TMG are truly my go-to place when it comes to results. They are very knowledgeable as well as innovative and cutting-edge and always deliver the leads to get us the hire.


The team at TMG is smart, hardworking and very responsive to our needs – and the result is they produce a high volume of hires without sacrificing cost per hire for the volume. They truly have a results-oriented team that delivers for K&B Transportation.

Sean Barragan, Director of Recruiting

TMG offers strong support and quickly became our #1 lead sourcing campaign

TMG has been great to work with since rolling out. Our inbound lead sourcing partnership hit the ground running from day one. TMG became the #1 lead sourcing campaign over their first 4 months with us.

We have continued to see a dramatic growth in total lead volumes leading to direct hires. TMG offers strong support and is very interested in understanding how to improve our direct lead campaigns.

Mark MacGillivray, Director of Recruiting

TMG became my leading vendor in CPL and CPH and simply deliver results

I have worked with a lot of vendors where they are good about sending leads but don’t really dig into the lead – where it’s coming from, the story behind that. TMG has wanted to know the ins and outs of the “why,” and that has made a huge difference in our campaigns.


For lead generation, within 60 days of initial campaign launch, TMG took over as my leader in terms of CPL and CPH. The why is simple: they deliver results.

Matt Zarras, Vice President of Recruiting

You won't find a better vendor that is this dedicated to your needs

We get more leads and better quality applicants for less cost per lead. Our recruiters were spending time grinding through poor or unqualified candidates, and now they confidently close on most calls. We are producing great hires in one of the most competitive markets we’ve seen.


You won’t find a better vendor that is this dedicated to your needs and delivers right away. I can say from almost 20 years’ experience in the driver recruiting space, your decision to use TMG for lead gen and automated outreach will make you successful in the first month.

Casey Bellman, Director of Driver Recruiting

Customer service is top-notch, and leads have been high quality

I have really enjoyed TMG’s fresh perspective on the industry and I can see that they are innovative when it comes to lead generation. The customer service is top-notch. If I send an email, I get a response within the hour. They are quick to optimize and adjust with new information.

We have seen an uptick in hires since starting with TMG. I have been quite pleased to see how far our budget has gone. The leads we receive have been high intent and high quality.

Bailey Hale, Director of Recruiting

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